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Thomas Gabriel Fischer

During the 80's heavy metal was at the height of it's popularity,big hair bands such as Motley Crue,Ratt,Poison,and Cinderella were breaking into the mainstream.But from the underground there came a new style of metal,one that was hard edged,brutal,and in your face,Thrash metal.With groups like Metallica,Anthrax,and Slayer leading the way,one group from sweden that never quite made it,but came as close as you can get was Celtic Frost.I remember when I first heard their debut lp,"Morbid Tales" in 1985.Their early material had a black sabbath like grungy sound with grunting vocals by frontman/guitarist Tom Warrior.The second effort,"To Mega Therion" continued their no nonsense style to critical aclaim internationally."Into the Pandemonium",the album where the band started it's self proclaimed "avant garde" progression,is where Tom warrior,writing under his real name,Thomas Gabriel Fischer begins his autobiography,Are You Morbid,Taken from a lyric to the title track of "Morbid Tales".He recounts the feelings going through him as his bandmates(Martin Ain-bass,Reed St. Mark-drums)work on what was to a turning point of their musical career.One that I personally felt was their downfall as later albums "Cold Lake" and "Vanity/Nemesis" had proven.Far from living the glamourous lifestyle of a cartoon rock star,Fischer leaves nothing out as he gives account of record label disputes,disaster ridden tours and encounters with psychotic groupies.In fact that is the only thing I found hard to like about this book,It gives too much detail,Many times I found it hard to keep interest.For his writing was a little too drawn out.As you go on,it becomes apparent the bitterness he has towards the record industry,which seemed to be the center of the bands eventual break up in 1992.The last album,"Parched with Thirst and I am Dying" was CF's swansong as they faded into obscurity.Even though there is a strong cult following today and an even stronger influence of their work can be heard in todays black/death metal bands.I wouldn't say that this book is a must read,but it is an interesting look at a metal group that took a chance by pushing beyond the limits of their chosen style of music.**1/2

The auto biography of Tom"The Dynamite Kid Billington"

If there was ever one wrestler who put everything into his craft,but got little in return,It would have to be Tom Billington,AKA The Dynamite Kid.At 5'8,160 lbs,there many that have said to Mr.Billington that wrestling would've been a poor career choice,but even he probably did not expect to have had such a profound influence on the buisness that he did throughout the 80's.Putting his body on the line every match,especially during his series of classic matches with Satoryu Sayama,the original Tiger Mask.In this,His autobiography,He is honest and unapologetic about His wrestling career,perhaps even the wrestling buisness itself.He recounts his days as a rookie in His native england,working for the Hart family in Canada,touring Japan,and teaming with cousin,Davey Boy Smith as The British Bulldogs in the WWF.Without remorse He gives his takes on many of the top stars of his time,Hulk Hogan,Bret Hart,Junkyard Dog,Harley Race,Antonio Inoki,Bad News Allen,Stu Hart,and of course Vince Mcmahon.Also He is very frank about his drug/steroid abuse that began in Canada carrying on through his time in the WWF.Most notably His dependance on painkillers to cope with the pain His high risk style induced.A style that later slow him down and ultimately costing him the use of his legs.Any young person who is comtemplating becoming a wrestler should read this book,there is alot to be learned from it.His love of pratical jokes make for good reading too.Mr.Billington has stated that if he could go back in his career,He wouldn't have changed a thing without regrets.Judging from the passion exhibited in this book,I believe him.****


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